Welcome to the Website of the 2009 Salem Academy Charter School Reach the Beach Relay Team — we are thrilled to be competing in the upcoming RTB Relay! Our team will be composed of members of Salem Academy’s Board of Trustees, representatives from our business partners, as well as students, parents, and faculty of the school. The goals of the team are to:

  • raise $100 for every mile they will run on the 200-mile Relay, to be spent on student activities at Salem Academy Charter School and other local causes.
  • encourage the members of our school community and the residents of Salem to pursue better health by inviting them to join us in our preparation for the Relay at whatever level they feel comfortable.

In the coming weeks and months, this site will provide press releases and updates, profiles of our team members, photos and videos from our practice sessions, and other useful information. So be sure to bookmark us and visit often! In the meanwhile, take a second to learn more about Salem Academy Charter School and the Reach the Beach Relay and our sponsors. If you are ready to donate in any amount, please visit our donation page.


Become a Sponsor

We all know the importance of regular exercise and staying physically fit.  With today’s sedentary and high-stress lifestyle, it is more important than ever to promote healthy habits early.  School sports and fitness programs provide regular exercise for our children but also require supplemental funding as costs rise and school budgets stretch.

Salem Academy Charter School, a grades 6-12 public charter school in Salem, MA is embarking on a community fitness initiative to support a physical fitness/health & wellness program for our school, which is situated in Shetland Office Park. Since we have no fitness facilities of our own, our students use community facilities and fields for our games and fitness programs.  We are raising money to support the associated coaching, fees, equipment, and facility rental costs.  In addition, we plan to develop a health and wellness model to share with other small schools with limited or non-existent fitness facilities.

We are excited to build a team of teachers, trustees, parents, community members and students to run in and to support this September’s Reach the Beach relay race in NH. This is a 208-mile course starting at Cannon Mt. and finishing 24-36 hours later on Hampton Beach.  Leading by example, the team is building awareness of the importance of exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Maintaining that goal, through fitness, health and wellness program support, is critical.

Please join us in supporting Salem Academy’s team and fitness programs.

click here to donate.

Major Update

After a long delay, I’m back with a major update. So many exciting things have happened for our team since my last post, and I’ll do my best to update you on all of it:

1. First of all, we have a new sponsor. B & S Fitness, a boutique health and fitness center located in Shetland Park, close to our school, has graciously agreed to offer our team members in-kind training sessions in the leadup to Reach the Beach. Be sure to visit our SPONSORS page to learn more about them and all of great sponsors.

2. Ms. Lindley and Ms. Hansen’s service learning group has been tracking the amount of time our school community has devoted to fitness activities. Since the beginning of 2009, our school community has spent a whopping 57,666 minutes on fitness! Make no mistake about it, this is a school community ready to REACH optimum fitness! Keep your eyes posted on the right-hand side bar for periodic updates on our total fitness minutes.

3. We have added more members to our team. Ms. Jamo, Mr. Workman, and Ms. Hines’ service learning group is currently working on writing fun biographies of our runners. As they complete them, I will add them to THE TEAM section of the website.

4. In April, a school-wide Reach the Beach t-shirt design contest was held. The winning entry will be featured on our team t-shirts. As soon as we have a winning design determined, I will be posting it on our homepage here. So check back soon!